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WorksChoral MusicFlexible voices and RoundsMorning Round & Awake Awake Ye Sleepers


with Awake, Awake, Ye Sleepers (traditional round)

Voicing: flexible rounds. (Morning: 4-parts / Awake: 3-parts)
Language: English
Duration: varies
Composed: Morning Round - Sept. 2013 / Awake Awake Ye Sleepers - 19th century
Published by: Abbie Betinis Music Co. AB-079-DC
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Booklet includes both rounds, which may be performed separately,
or performed simultaneously as a double canon.

Morning Round
Abbie Betinis
Hello Sun, thank you for this day,*
To shine more love in every way,
In learning, laughing, work and play,                        
Hello Sun, thank you for this day.
Awake, Awake, Ye Sleepers
unknown, 19th c.
Awake, awake, ye sleepers,
The sun is in the sky.
Arise! Arise! And hear the cuckoo cry:
Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Awake! 'Tis nigh!

* Alternate text: "Dear God, thank you for this day, to share your love..."

Morning Round © 2013 by Abbie Betinis. For permission to reprint the text, please email the author. All reprints must credit the author.


When I was little, my mom used to burst into my room on Saturday mornings singing "Awake awake ye sleepers, the sun is in the sky..." I could never resist singing rounds (I still can't), so if I started singing with her, she knew I was awake. It was her sneaky trick.

I still sing rounds to myself all the time. I like trying to imagine each part singing with me. Recently, on a crisp fall morning, as the sun streamed into my window, Morning Round started singing in my head. I jotted it down in a little notebook I keep by my bed, and only later realized that it fits as a double-canon (two different rounds that can be sung at the same time) with... what else? ...but that old friendly tune Awake, Awake, Ye Sleepers.

So this booklet has both rounds, side-by-side. You can try singing them together or apart. You can try them as a solo (while you imagine another part), as duets, or in double-canon in up to 7 different parts.

But most importantly: don't forget to try them out by waking up your family in the morning!