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WorksVocal SoloMy Heart is Longing to Praise My Savior

My Heart is Longing to Praise My Savior (arr.)

Forces: High Voice, Cello, Piano (with opt'l chorus or congregation)
Text: Princess Eugenie of Sweden
Language: English
Duration: 5 min.
Premiere: March 28, 2004. Naomi Staruch, sop; Steve Staruch, viola; Maria Bucka, pno
Commissioned by: Steve Staruch; for Naomi Staruch, on their fifth anniversary
Order online: Graphite Publishing


My Heart is Longing to Praise My Savior: mp3, 5:10, 4.8 MB

Performed live by Naomi Staruch (soprano), Steve Staruch (viola), Maria Bucka (piano)
and the congregation at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN (2004)

This live recording is protected by copyright and is posted here with permission from the artists.

My Heart is Longing to Praise My Savior Poem by Princess Eugenie of Sweden
My heart is longing to praise my Savior,
And glorify his name in song and prayer;
For he has shown me his wondrous favor
And offered me all heaven with him to share.

O blessed Jesus, what you have given,
Through dying on the cross in bitter pain,
Has filled my heart with the peace of heaven;
My winter’s gone and spring is mine again.

What blessed joy overflows my spirit,
Because your wondrous grace to me was giv'n!
Complete your work, that I may inherit
Eternal life at last with you in heav'n!

O Christian friends, let your song ascending
Give honor, praise to him who set us free!
Our tribulations may seem unending;
But soon with him we shall forever be.

Soon we are home and shall stand before him;
What matter then that we have suffered here?
Then he shall crown us, while we adore him;
So death and all our pains disappear.

Poem by Princess Eugenie of Sweden (1830-1889). To the best of my knowledge, this text is in the public domain and may be reprinted from this website for use in concert programs and/or promotional materials.

Performed by :

Naomi Staruch, soprano; Steve Staruch, viola; Maria Bucka, piano
Carrie Henneman Shaw, soprano; Joel Salvo, cello; Ruth Palmer, piano

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