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Licensing & Permissions

The information below applies to all music published by Abbie Betinis Music Co. Please note: some pieces composed by Abbie are published elsewhere. See the full list of titles and their publishers.

What would you like to do with my music?

DISTRIBUTE the sheet music:
Please purchase scores on this website here, or through your favorite dealer.

PERFORM it in public:
I am a proud member of ASCAP, which controls my performance licensing. More info: New Music Flowchart for Conductors

DISTRIBUTE an AUDIO recording:
Hey, thanks! You’ll need a mechanical license (what's that?) and you can obtain it, either:
a) Directly through Abbie Betinis Music Co. Fill out the Mechanical License form here, and I'll email you a license to sign and date along with an invoice for the US statutory license rate. Return the signed license to me with a check. I'll also sign and date, and then you can start distributing your recording. There are no extra fees. It can sometimes take a little while though -- even a few weeks if I'm really busy.

b) Through a third party agent. Abbie Betinis Music Co. regularly receives Compulsory Licenses through RightsFlow's Limelight Licensing Tool and Legacy Productions' EasySongLicensing website. If you are licensing songs by many different composers, or if you require a very quick turnaround, I recommend both of these efficient agencies. They may charge you an administrative fee, but both pass on 100% of the royalty due to me.

Why do you need a mechanical license? Read this: NAfME: Mechanical Licensing & You (What You Need To Know).

Still not convinced? Read about specific instances where you do (and do not) need a license in this great guide.

Here's the current policy at Abbie Betinis Music Co:
Gratis (i.e. free) permission is granted to post videos on the web (e.g. YouTube) of live performances of any Abbie Betinis Music Co. titles, as long as these five requirements are met:
  1. Video Title must include a) the title of my piece, and b) my name "Abbie Betinis"
    e.g. Be Like the Bird, by Abbie Betinis - OR - Abbie Betinis: Be Like the Bird (The MPR Carolers) - etc.

  2. Video Description must include: "Uploaded with permission of the publisher, Abbie Betinis Music Co."

  3. Videos must be free to view (i.e. they must not require a paid subscription), and carry no revenue-generating advertising.

  4. Videos must be of live performances.

  5. Abbie Betinis Music Co can change this policy at any time.

Optional (but good practice in general):
  • In the video itself: Adding a banner in the beginning with the song title and composer name (this ensures attribution to the composer even if the video is embedded elsewhere).
  • In the description: Name the conductor, ensemble, accompanists, soloists, and the date of the performance
  • Let me know about it! Maybe post a link to my Facebook page so all my fans can see too.

See my Conductor's Flow Chart for New Music Programming

See my Ordering - Terms & Conditions (pdf)